Roller ring

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Roller ring

The part between or outside the groove on the roll body of the profile roll. According to the different position of the roll ring on the roll, it can be divided into end roll ring and middle roll ring.

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Yantai Dongxing industry (chemical composition and physical and mechanical properties)
chemical composition
Bending strength
Compressive strength
Grain size
WC Co+Ni+Cr
F3640 90 10 14.7 87.0  2200 3400 1.6-3.2
F3660 85 15 14.1 85.5  2300 3500 2.0-3.2
F3670 82 18 13.7 84.5  2350 3500 2.0-3.2
F3675 80 20 13.6 83.5  2400 3400 2.0-3.2
F3680 77 23 13.3  82.0  2400 3300 2.0-4.0
F3680A 77 纯Co  23 13.3  82.0  2400 3300 2.0-4.0
F3625N 94 6 15.1 87.0  2350 3500 2.0-6.0
Note: the content of WC is the proportion of feeding, the actual content, hardness and density of finished products may fluctuate about 2%.

1. Withstand strong rolling load
The cutting diameter area of the front rack of finishing rolling is up to 50mm2, and the cutting diameter area of pre-finishing rolling is up to 100mm2. Such a large amount of rolling deformation requires a rolling force of hundreds of newtons. For spring steel, ball steel and other special steel, its rolling force is greater.

2. Withstand high frequency alternating rolling force impact
The final frame V =100m/s, taking the outer diameter model 170 as an example, the impact frequency F =11240 times/minute. If V =80m/s, the outer diameter of the roll ring is 173 for example, f=8836 times/minute.

3, under the acid and alkali chemical corrosion
As the rolling cooling water has certain acid and alkaline, the electrochemical reaction of the roll ring, namely galvanic cell reaction, occurs in this environment. The result corroded the roller ring. The high temperature will further promote this reaction.

4. Withstand the same high frequency alternating thermal stress impact
After the ring is rolled and bitten into the hot rod wire, the heat transferred from it is received. The rods and wires are then cooled. The temperature difference between the surface of the ring and its inner layer and all around is caused by the gradient of heat transfer. The difference in linear expansion or contraction caused by this difference in temperature results in thermal stress. Because any point on the surface of the roll ring is heated and cooled in high frequency alternations, the thermal stress also impacts the roll ring in high frequency alternations. The result of alternating thermal shock on roller ring is thermal fatigue crack, which is the formation of typical turtle crack.

5. Withstand high speed wear and abrasion
The rolling groove is also subjected to the high speed friction and wear while the roller ring is rolling and rolling the high speed rod and wire. In addition, solid particles and iron oxide scales in the cooling water will also cause erosion and abrasives.

After-sales service

1. Ensure the machining accuracy of the roll ring and ensure it meets the requirements of the drawing.

2. Ensure the inner quality of the roll ring, 100% through non-destructive testing; The marking of the roll ring complies with your company's regulations and avoids factors affecting dynamic balance.

3, ensure the long-term stability of the quality of the roll ring, no holes, sand holes, cracks, inclusions and other internal quality defects, in normal use of the roll ring does not appear meat, crack roll phenomenon.

4. Ensure the consistency of the effect of the supplied roll ring in the effective working roll diameter. The quality guarantee period of the roll ring is the effective working roll diameter period of the ring.

5. During the on-line use of our company's roller rings, we will conduct quality tracking to further improve the product quality. If there are any quality problems of roller rings on site, we will give a definite and responsible reply within 12 hours.

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