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Roll ring brand selection:

The use environment of the roller ring is very bad, and there are many differences at the same time. The actual rolling load, thermal stress, impact frequency and corrosion strength of the roll ring will vary greatly with the technical parameters, equipment configuration, rolling steel grades and specifications of each bar and wire mill. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the rolling line, it is very important to choose the appropriate roll ring brand.

At present, the material ratio used in cemented carbide roll ring is divided into two series, namely pure CO series and CO + Ni + CR series. Pure CO series is the first generation, while CO + Ni + CR series is a new generation. Its characteristic is that the corrosion resistance of roll ring material is further strengthened on the basis of maintaining the advantages of pure CO series. Our company focuses on the research and development of roll ring material, which belongs to adding rare earth elements The optimized CO + Ni + CR series.

Brand Kocks rack Pre finishing mill stand Finishing mill stand Reducing and sizing frame Clamping rack
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4  
F3620                                 B B          
F3630                                 B B     B B  
F3640                                 B B     A A  
F3660                           A A A A A B B      
F3670                 B B B B B                   E
F3675 A A A A         A A A A A           A A      
F3676                 D D D D D                    
F3680 B B B B A A A A                              
F3660A                           D D D D D          
F3680A                                   C          
F3620N                                         B B  
F3640N                                 A A B B      
F3660N                         A A A A B B B B      
F3675N                 A A A A                      
F3680N A A A A A A A A                   C          
F3630T                                         A A  
F3640T                                 A A          
F3660T                         A A A A B B A A      
F3675T                 A A A A                      
F3680T         A A A A B B B B                      


A: Preferred (plain carbon steel, high speed wire during commissioning and adjustment)
B: Secondary selection (variety steel, high speed wire with stable rolling line)
C: Hot rolled rebar
D: Stainless steel and welding wire steel, etc
E: Pinch roll